Welcome! The content in this blog is interactive. You can click the pulsing map markers to open and close detailed location information for each piece in this collection. You can use the plus signs to expand maps and images. Expanding a map will launch Google maps, allowing you navigate to a specific location if you choose.

If the location of a piece is "off the grid" and doesn't have a street address, click the latitude and longitude coordinates to open a map of the exact location.


Boston area | USA

I've noticed this little dude along the 86 bus route. I've decided to refer to it as an alien, although it could be a species I am unfamiliar with. I am not a native New Englander. Sometimes I think it is yelling, other times it appears to be perspiring. It could be human after all.


Hi. I'm Catherine Maldonado and I accidentally used everything I've learned in the past few years as a front end web developer to create this template.

Basically, I write a blog post intro and create a new Google Spreadsheet when I want to start a new collection. Then, I open up my DO Camera app any time I want to add to the collection and snap a photo. That is it. Take a photo and a little map thingy is automatically generated. I did all the things between the app capturing the photo and location data and what you are looking at now.

All kinds of crazy things are happening to make this work, many of which will make back end developers shake their heads in a forlorn manner. Some of the fun stuff: Google Spreadsheets as a database, tapping into Google Maps api to get static maps and convert lat/long coordinates to street adresses, using DO Camera & IFTTT to update collections in real time

If you want to look under the hood, check out the beta template and different bits on codepen.io. Don't judge my javascript too harshly. CSS is the blood in my veins while javascript is the freckles that will eventually cover my entire face.