Catherine Maldonado

This is a collection of some ongoing projects that will eventually be open source once they're stable. I have trouble focusing, so this could include everything from knitting patterns to web templates. started out as a blog and has been dormant for awhile. I hope to revive it by collecting ideas I have that other people can use.

When I work out all the bugs, I'll post the code.

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Community Art

I've been involved with a few community and group art projects on both local and global levels.

The Sketchbook Project | "Novel Songs" 2012 | "Disjointed" 2015

Street Pianos | Boston 2013 | Boston 2016

Mystic Makerspace | board member, webmaster, teacher


I sometimes make and sell things. My dribbble portfolio shows off the design work around these projects and links out to various places to buy them. Take a peek.